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Monday, 13 February 2017 12:06

Member of the month - February 2017

Elene Marsden explains how she became Ipswich’s very own YouTuber

Elene Marsden, mother of 3, describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, full of drive, self-confidence and creativity. She’s been a member of ISSBA for 15 years and during that time she created betterACTnow training DVDs which have been watched by 100s of business around the world keen to improve their database marketing.

Her latest venture focuses on video marketing and YouTube, her channel is popular with over 500 subscribers and close to 150,000 video views.

Elene says she enjoys helping her clients overcome their fear of video. She knows the tricks that work and has uploaded over 500 of her own videos to YouTube. But she’s keen to emphasise that YouTube videos must be optimised correctly to get found by YouTube and Google Search and this is where her years of experience add value.

Elene Marsden 1Elene’s Preloved Chica video series, where she shares her passion for second-hand fashion, showcases what’s possible for other businesses. Every week she uploads a new video to YouTube. Interviewing people from around the world who also love second-hand clothes. She even managed to invite Billy Bragg to join her on one of her shows to talk about his thrift store purchases!

This month the East Anglia Day Times ran a double page feature on her YouTube Channel. You can read the article here

Elene also appeared on the Radio 4 Saturday Live programme and in April 2017 she’s been invited to deliver a TEDx talk at Cambridge University about her successes.

Check out Elene’s 5 Tips for Success on YouTube

  1. Add a video signature to every video with links to your website and your other social media sites
  2. Add customised or branded thumbnails to all your videos to stand out from the crowd
  3. Post YouTube videos automatically to other sites using this free app called IF THIS THEN THAT
  4. Repurpose your videos by sharing different start times
  5. Elene Marsden 2Once a video is uploaded, add a comment to get the conversation started

Elene’s favourite business client is the Nature Conservancy in the USA. She’s responsible for producing live streamed virtual video field trips for 20,000 school children across the States. Their latest adventure took them to the rainforests of Borneo. Elene says this is exciting work and puts Ipswich on the map as the entire event is run from her Ipswich Office.

This month Elene gave a presentation to ISSBA members at the Wolsey Theatre sharing tips on video marketing. If you missed the presentation you can watch a recording here.

Elene said, “Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to keep up to date with all my latest videos, thanks” 

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