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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 13:56

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Jen Evans (Soft Tissue Therapy by Jen Evans) shares some hints and tips on how to avoid aches and pains from spending too long sitting at a desk.

Jen EvansOne of the main irritations of my clients when they visit my treatment room is the stiffness they feel in their neck and shoulders which clients put down to poor posture, stress and ‘life’.  Believe it or not, I would rather not be seeing clients with these ailments as then it would mean that people are managing well and not feeling the pressures of modern day life.

So what can you do to help?  If you know your posture at your desk it poor; do something about it.  Raise or lower your chair a touch, move your monitor, adjust your keyboard, does this help or make it worse?  Making little changes can make a difference.  If you feel it’s really bad, then change your chair or desk height.

Clients often say they don’t feel the effects of ‘being at work all day’ until they are at home in the evening.  If this is the case, then there is things we can do there as well.  If you’re lucky enough to be Jen Evans 1able to sit down for 5 minutes when you’re home, maybe with a hot drink and just enough time to catch your breath, fill up a hot water bottle or put a heat pack round your shoulders.  Finish your drink and then do some shoulder rotations and lifts.  Whilst your muscles are warm, they will absorb all the fresh nutrients more efficiently and subsequently loosen them off a treat.  5 minutes; that’s all you need for this.

Jen Evans 2Equally, I find I also need to loosen and stretch at certain points throughout the day.  I have to use a broom in my house to sweep my tiled kitchen floor.  Not necessarily every day, but I do have to regularly pick it up; so to combat a stiff back, I put the broom over my shoulders and swing (making sure there is no one in the way of course) and this just helps loosen me up enough.  Again, this takes seconds, but as a leading supermarket has said on many an advert, every little (does) help!

Daily aches, pains and niggles can get us down, so addressing them before they become acute pain that requires you to have time off work and a potential loss of earnings is vital.

I will say that all movements must be done within a pain free range; if you’re in pain, then stop and if the pain persists, seek some help either through the NHS self-referral service, or through your preferred massage therapist.

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