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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 14:28

Anglia Business Exhibition Update - March 2019

Get the latest news for Anglia Business Exhibition 2019.

We are now officially sold out with the exception of three sponsorship stands. But don’t worry you can still visit us and support our fantastic exhibitors and sponsors.ABE

So, what will be happening on the day?

NEW FOR 2019

We have two very inspirational Workshops with Wendy Smith, former Paralympic wheelchair basketball player and owner of Pioneering Change and Gavin Damant a qualified NLP and specialist Spectrum Emotional Coach.

Many of you will remember Wendy Smith from last year’s event, who created quite a stir as our keynote speaker. Wendy has gone on to work with some of last year’s exhibitors and we are delighted to announce she is returning next year to host two inspirational workshops for us.


Choose from either:

Exceeding your business goals or Powering up your personal performance.


Exceeding your business goals – You will learn how to set motivational targets to move your business forwards efficiently and create a laser focused approach to achievement.  Wendy will also show you how you can exceed your customer expectations and how to manage your time for optimum performance, developing powerful daily business habits.


Powering up your personal performance – Wendy will help you to learn how to gain an understanding of how your brain filters and focuses for you.  Learn how to create the 'right state' not be in a 'right state'.  How to become aware of how to use your brain for change.  Awareness ownership & change, the 3 parts to generating personal success.  Develop techniques to become the guardian at the gateway of your thoughts.

Each workshop will last approximately 1.5 hours and must be pre-booked

Spaces are limited to 30 per session

Cost: £21.55

About the Speakers

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith headshotWendy describes herself as a ‘helper’. She spends the majority of her time helping others discover the potential that all people hold within themselves. Through teaching awareness of self, people are able to uncover their limitations and discover how to drive themselves towards successful outcomes.

She works in many different arena’s including banks, public service sector, education, sports and mental health services. 

Wendy received an Essex Achievement Award for achievements over adversity. 

Qualified as a Level 3 Basketball Coach, Basketball Tutor, Sports Psychologist, Sports Massage Therapist, EFT Advanced Practitioner, Trainer of Spectrum Emotional Therapy and is a NLP Master & Trainer, she has many tools and years of experience in Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence. 

A Trainer and Business Coach by profession, Wendy runs workshops and Practitioner Courses based around human potential. She enjoys sharing knowledge that can help people reach that next level of performance. 

She has a Therapeutic arm to her business that allows her to work with people who are stuck in life, maybe through trauma, PTSD, abuse, phobia’s or debilitating experiences and cannot find a way to move forward. Wendy uses re-coding techniques to release these states and assist people in moving on without being re-triggered. 

Something that fulfills Wendy deeply is working in schools with small groups and individuals helping reset their belief systems and allow them to then function in school and life. Her experience in this arena comes from her own journey throughout the schooling system where she was herself labelled as a ‘problem child’, this knowledge enables her to understand and connect with the children she works with. She believes there is not a ‘bad’ child on this planet, just faulty programming. Working 1-1 allows her to help free children from the patterns and beliefs they hold which create the negative behaviours they run. 

All of the above became possible through a series events that began with a high-speed motorbike accident in 1989 and the prognosis that she would never walk again. It was at this point that Wendy began her own journey into the power of the mind, the belief systems we hold and the positive or negative effect that they have on our behaviours. She has spent over 20 years studying neurology, self management and personal development/philosophy to physically help herself recover and to create the business she has now and the ability to share real experience with people to help them overcome daily adversity which allows them to become resilient in life. 

She has one goal in life... to run again! 

Gavin Damant

Gavin DamantGavin has over 10 years’ experience working in the Police Force. He works with a disciplined structured approach and believes awareness is the key to success in life. Gavin has spent many years training others in all disciplines from martial arts to personal development. High performance coaching is his specialty.

Gavin became seriously involved in the mindset game when he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in his late 20’s. He was told by the medical profession that it would be near impossible for him to continue his career and that he would experience great bouts of fatigue that would wipe him out daily. The doctors said he would now have to manage his energy expenditure if he was going to live a balanced life. Gavin decided that this prognosis was not for him and decided to research cures. He discovered John Eaton who works with reversing such conditions and he booked an appointment straight away. Within 6 months Gavin was totally clear from CFS and living a perfectly normal life. He actually found that through the reverse therapy model he had created a good motivating mindset and wondered how he could help others do the same. 

He studied NLP and Spectrum Emotional Coaching as well as reading up on neurology, personal development and psychology. This led Gavin into the space of becoming a Training Provider and Personal Coach. He works with individuals and groups helping create the mind set for success. Truly believing that success is an ‘inside job’ he runs workshops raising awareness, creating ownership which then leads to massive personal change. His aim is to take as many people past their previous limitations and help them experience their true potential in life. 

Speed Networking

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