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Monday, 15 July 2019 11:44

ISSBA Event Review - June 2019

Darrell Smith reviews our June Meet the Members Networking Event.

Written by Darrell Smith, Archway Carpets

Archway CarpetsOn June 26th the sun was shining as we travelled along the tree lined driveway to the fabulous Manor Farm at Henley. There was ample parking for us, we had to pass the Alpacas in a field to the side a lovely and unusual sight at a network meeting. The team at All Manor of Events had open their newly refurbished barn a multi functionally space from weddings to workshops for business, as Katie Haywood-Farmer, one of the owners explained to us. 

Whilst the open networking took place with a good number of attendees and from a variety of businesses, we were served warm pancakes and pastries straight from the on site catering team and kitchen. The room was buzzing with the chat of business people networking. 

Katie then offered to provide a full tour of the venue and the new and exciting offering from Manor Farm. Everyone enthusiastically accepted the offer and the whole group headed off to view the business offerings. Katie described the weddings and how they make every one unique for the happy couple. Along with this Katie also spoke about the various business focused services they have from meetings, corporate days and team building. We then were taken through a gap cut into a laurel hedge, walking through into the newly completed glamping pods on site. The pods were open for us to view and see the fantastic style, finish and fittings all completed by Katie and her husband Andrew. 

It was a fantastic morning to view another local business from a "behind the scenes" prospective and to network with other great local small businesses.