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Monday, 09 September 2019 14:35

MAD HR on Taylor Review

MAD-HR tell us all about some important HR changes anticipated to come into effect from April 2020 which will apply to employees, workers, agency staff, work seekers and self-employed individuals.

Written by Carole Burman, MAD-HR

TWO years in politics, as we all know, is a VERY long time. MAD HR small

Not only has it been a period of hyped up anticipation and lots of heated debate about the issue of Brexit, but it’s also been a hugely significant period of analysis into today’s world of work.

Right about the time the decision to leave the EU was announced, the Government set Matthew Taylor on a mission to carry out a ‘Review of Modern Work Practices’.

At the heart of this piece of work, was the intention of understanding how workers’ rights could and should be supported in a new post-Brexit era.

What followed this deep-dive exploration – known as the Taylor Review – was the creation of The Good Work Plan. And it’s this plan which EVERY employer should aim to have more understanding of in the coming months, as they plan to shape their business’s future roadmap.

It’s important to note that the changes anticipated from this review, which are set to come into effect from April 2020, will apply to employees, workers, agency staff, work seekers and self-employed individuals.

To put it bluntly then – you’d be daft not to equip yourself with a degree of knowledge about this new plan, as the impact is significant, to say the least.

So, what are some of the key points you ought to be aware of?


MAD HR laptop imageYes, we know the very word makes both worker and employer feel a sudden shiver, at the thought of having to check every last crossed T and dotted I. And yet, contracts, as we all know, are key to ensuring well mapped staffing relationships.

The new changes mean

  1. A person has a right to be issued with a contract on DAY ONE of service (no promising a new employee that it will be with them once the HR team has time in a few weeks’ or months’. Every one has a right to feel secure from the outset).
  2. Those on the much talked about Zero Hours Contract, will have a right to request a more stable contract. This will, importantly, also apply to those on casual worker agreements.


New rules will apply, around which correct holiday pay should be calculated. This protects both parties and means everyone is clear about entitlement.


Agency work-seekers have long been seen as being poorly communicated with, when it comes to understanding what work they might accept. They will now be given rights regarding the receipt of specific information to help them make informed choices.


Ah yes…fines. As recognition of how serious this new piece of work is considered to be, there will now be a scaling up of fines where it is considered a serious aggravated breach of contract has taken place. This pushes the fine in a tribunal up from maximum of £5,000 to £20,000.

Obviously, these are just a few points, but do make sure you understand your obligations under the Good Work Plan.

At its core, is the intention to ensure all workers, and all employers, are respected and treating one another fairly, in a workplace environment which is fit for purpose in 2020 and beyond.

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