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Wednesday, 09 October 2019 12:05

Member of the Month - October 2019

Our October Member of the Month is Andrew Chenery, Utility Warehouse. Andrew asks ‘Is your energy supplier really Green?’

Think your supplier is Green?

According to a recent Which? article, some ‘100% renewable electricity’ energy tariffs aren’t as 100% green as they seem.Andrew Chenery pic jpg copy

Which? research reveals only around 40 of the 355 suppliers they surveyed offered renewable electricity tariffs. However, out of those 40 suppliers, some don’t actually generate renewable electricity themselves, or don’t buy renewable electricity directly from generators.

Instead, they’re buying Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates. These can be bought from renewable energy generators for as little as £1.33 per customer a year, and allow suppliers to say their customer’s tariff is 100% renewable. This has led to concerns that it’s too easy for energy suppliers to ‘greenwash’ their tariffs.

For example, one supplier bought just 1% of their energy directly from generators… and then used REGOs to top up and reach 100%.

How we’re saving the planet

Instead of claiming to offer 100% renewable energy, we offer an amazing energy-saving LED light bulb replacement service. 

What does Utility Warehouse do for the Environment?

Our new 'Helping the Environment' fact sheet explains it simply, and – most importantly – to show how LED bulbs help our planet.

Did you know we’ve already installed four million LED bulbs in 100,000 homes in the UK? The amount of carbon dioxide saved from these energy-saving lights is the environmental equivalent of planting 160,000 new trees.

And that by taking LEDs, a new customer can help us plant the equivalent of 500,000 trees over the next four years?

Now that shows how we’re helping people save energy and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. Our LED bulbs are supplied to you FREE, fitted for you for FREE, with a lifetime guarantee. 

What does Utility Warehouse do?

Utility WarehouseUtility Warehouse is a UK based company, established for over 20 years and based right here in Edgware in North London. We are a FTSE250 listed company.

We are proud to own over 28 ‘Which’ awards for being the best at what we do, and last year we were voted “Utility Brand Of The Year” beating all the other leading energy, telephone, broadband and mobile companies hands down. All we simply do, is put all your utilities - that’s gas, electric, landline, broadband, mobile, home & contents insurance & boiler cover all onto one simple monthly invoice, with one direct debit each month which typically lowers your bill by approximately 20%, making it much easier to budget, there’s even reduced shopping bills too and money off eating out.

To see how you can qualify for your FREE LED bulbs for your home and find out how you can lower your bills by approximately 20%, then contact local 'go to' guy, Andrew Chenery on 07930 464461 or email