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Thursday, 07 November 2019 11:11

ISSBA Event Review - Anglia Business Spotlight 2019

Review of Anglia Business Spotlight 2019 written by Roger Barcham, BMS Imaging.

RB PhotoSo, another successful Spotlight event again this year. Many thanks to Shelleys Restaurant at Suffolk New College for hosting us and to Georgie Jamieson from BBC Radio Suffolk for conducting the interviews.

The atmosphere was business like, but fairly jovial as the interviewees had some amusing stories to tell from the years they have been in business, but of course these stories are so familiar to most ISSBA members and other small business owners. 

How cash flow problems were overcome, how slow payers and debts were dealt with and how, with no previous experience, we all learned how to be our own HR department when we engaged our first employee. 

It was also interesting to hear how owners came to have their business, from redundancy circumstances, to wanting a change of direction, to passion for the industry and to following in family footsteps.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be interviewed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Georgie was astute in her line of questioning to goad us all into relating various successes and sometimes failures, where lessons are learned. Also, of course, to helping us promote our business to the audience, so that they may have a better insight into what we do, but just as importantly, who WE are.

Shelley’s provided some timely and delicious refreshment for some casual networking for the last hour. In fact the diehard networkers needed ushering out of the door, the time sped by in such a pleasant manner. 

Some might ask are these events worth-while? Well, for my point of view, they are crucial. Without sounding arrogant, I hope, I have become fairly well known in the business community and certainly within that part of any company that might buy my services. Face to face communication is becoming important again, as people want to meet the supplier they are dealing with and Spotlight is an ideal vehicle for this.

Also, it got me on the radio the following week… thanks Georgie.

Roger Barcham, BMS Imaging