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The case of Gwynedd Council v S Barratt and I Hughes [2021] serves as reminder to employers that they should follow best practice even if the employer considers that the outcome would not differ from the original decision.

In the above case Gwynedd Council (the Council) decided that it would restructure schools in a particular area.  It would close a number of schools and open a new school instead.  The Council notified teachers at the affected schools that the schools were going to close and they would have a chance to apply for roles at the new school.  Those teachers that were unsuccessful in obtaining new roles at the school would be made redundant. 

The claimants in this case had applied for roles that were largely similar to the roles that they had been doing in their previous schools but were unsuccessful in their applications and were notified by the Council that they would be made redundant.  The Council failed to notify the claimants of their right to appeal.

The claimants wrote to their current schools Governing Body raising the issue that they had not been offered the right to appeal. The Governing Body apologising for the failure to notify the claimants of their right to appeal, but that any appeal by them would have been fruitless. 

The claimants then wrote to the Council notifying them of their right to appeal the decision, but the Council responded similarly to that of the Governing Body that any appeal would be fruitless. Therefore, the claimants were not offered the right to appeal the decision to make their positions redundant. 

The claimants proceeded with claims in the Employment Tribunals for unfair dismissal.  The success of their claims included the failure to follow a fair procedure in the lack of proper consultation and also declining their right for them to appeal the decision.

The Council then appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal where it was again unsuccessful in defending the claim.  It then went on further to appeal to the Court of Appeal. 

The Council argued a number of points before the Court of Appeal. 

The Court of Appeal did not uphold the Council’s appeal.  However, the Court of Appeal did state that the failure to offer a right of appeal in a redundancy situation does not automatically render a dismissal unfair.  It can, however, contribute to a finding of unfairness. 

It is risky for employers to take the stance of not offering an appeal where it believes that any such appeal would be fruitless.  It should be borne in mind before making such a decision that should the matter go before an Employment Tribunal the Employment Tribunal may find differently resulting in a judgment of unfairness. 

For all of your Employment Lawand HRneeds Annalie King, Employment Consultant Solicitor at Kerseys Solicitors is a click away or call away. You can contact Annalie on Ipswich 01473 213311 or Colchester 01206 584584, email or visit our website and click “Call Me Back”.  We will be happy to contact you at a time that is convenient.


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Extract from the East Anglian Daily Times yesterday, hope we can help.

“Before the Covid-19 lockdown, many of our favourite independent restaurants, cafes and pubs were "offline" businesses, depending entirely on welcoming people through their doors. But, at this time, it simply isn't possible to enjoy a sit-down meal at our favourite eateries, meaning that demand for online orders, deliveries and takeaways is soaring. But for many local food companies, setting up online ordering systems is a brand new venture - and one that can seem intimidating for many. That's where Magellan Design comes in. The Bury St. Edmunds based business is offering to help local restaurants and food outlets by giving them access to its food ordering and payment system. What's more, in a show of support for local businesses at this difficult time, the company is waiving all design and setup costs, helping small businesses to save some vital funds during this crisis. The only cost to businesses would be a small subscription charge to cover hosting and software licensing fees.
"Our food ordering and payment system is very easy to use and includes a voucher system that can be used for NHS staff and other key workers," says Andrew Osman, Managing Director of Magellan Design. "This allows businesses to concentrate on preparing and delivering food without having to worry about handling money, so we minimise the risk by increasing social distancing and enabling businesses to trade safely."  The company is also providing a free responsive website or landing page to any business that subscribes to its food ordering system. This includes hosting, domain registration and unlimited free site updates during this tricky time.
Full details are available on the website, including a demo area where you can try the food ordering system for yourself.

Visit food-takeaway.php to find out more.

EADT 06/05/20

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As the Covid 19 crisis continues to effect businesses in our region at Petaurum Local we are doing everything we can to support. We have launched our free to access Remote Working Support Hub with free access to a wide range of support materials and useful tips to help businesses and their employees manage through these changing times. To access simply go to and follow the links to the Remote Working Hub

For those Businesses that need additional HR Support we are offering ISSBA members 10% discount on our HR Assure package and 13 months for the price of 12 on our HR Maintain and Develop Packages:

  • HR Assure is tailored to help protect your business from reputational and financial risk, while at the same time ensuring you comply with legal employment responsibilities. 
  • HR Maintain is tailored to build on the HR Assure package, with the added benefit of on-demand access to expert help and advice through a telephone helpline, direct to our team of HR professionals 
  • HR Develop is a custom package designed to meet your own individual business needs to ensure your team is set-up for success. 

If you want to take advantage of this offer simply go to select the package you are interested in (Remembering to Quote ISSBA) or contact me direct on 01728 726501 to discuss your requirements.

In the mean time keep safe and well






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Right now it can be hard to find presents for loved ones, so why not commission a personalised painting!

A pet portrait, makes a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion; I just need a high-quality photograph to work from and I can then create a lasting memory of a beloved pet.

Other popular requests are favourite animals, or a caricature of a loved one! A full colour, detailed 7x5” painting (unframed) is £85.00 and pencil drawing £75.00 (no VAT and includes postage).

For larger sizes or for more information please email or call 01473 744884

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Knowledgeable, competent and efficient staff are key in any business and many invest considerable sums in their training.

Yet many ignore the value to a company of investing in driver safety training for those employees who are on the road, either visiting customers or transporting goods.

Obviously, businesses need to keep a tight control on their costs, but when you consider the costs of dealing with the consequences of a collision it is a false economy to ignore paying for driver training – for ALL employees, not only those employed as drivers.

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Avelair are a Suffolk based designer, manufacturer and service provider of compressed air systems.  I primary focus with our clients is to reduce the consumption of electricity on your compressed air systems which will reduce the environrmental impact but will also in turn reduce the running costs.  We have investeed into the latest compressor energy data loggers which we can install onto our clients compressors for normally one week.  We then complete a report which details air and pressure consumption and through detailed analysis we can offer advice on reducing running costs by reducing pressure, air leaks, auto turn off systems, air quality and improve the overall running of your systems.  We believe strongly in working together with our clients so we are there as a partner rather than just as a supplier creating long term relationships.

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Vacancy: Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee, Foundation East

Mutual company Foundation East (FE) seeks a Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee when the current Treasurer retires in 2018.

Foundation East is a mutual society operating in the East of England which vigorously promotes social and financial inclusion by providing affordable loans and support to businesses.

Foundation East has been operating for almost 15 years and has made a real difference to businesses, communities and individuals. Over the next five years the Society needs to develop to a position of sustainability and to increase and broaden its membership. A new Treasurer is to be appointed by the end of 2018.  The successful candidate will:

  • Be a qualified accountant with senior management experience:
  • Understand the small business sector and social enterprise sector and recognise the challenges these sectors face when seeking to raise finance;
  • Lead a Finance Committee of up to 5 members, working closely with the Chief Executive and Finance Manager;
  • Be responsible for overseeing the financial status of Foundation East and considering issues relating to financial management and performance, fundraising, budget setting and audit;
  • Have experience in the development of strategic business plans to support the Board Chair and Chief Executive;
  • monitor the Loan Portfolio between Board and Finance Committee meetings.
  • Have responsibility for reviewing the Foundation East’s risk register and make recommendations for changes to the Board.

Foundation East is a membership organisation and the person appointed would be required to become a Member. 

Foundation East is authorised to provide Consumer Credit regulated loans. The person appointed will be required to become a Financial Conduct Authority Approved Person.

The role of Treasurer is voluntary.  Reasonable expenses are paid.

Foundation East would like to hear from you if you meet the above requirements, share its vision and believe you could gain satisfaction from being a member of the Society’s leadership team to make a significant contribution to alleviating financial and social inclusion.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity with Katy Ford, the Society’s Chief Executive please contact her in the first instance by emailing 

Further information, including a job description can be found on our website:

The closing date for applications is 21st December 2018

Interviews are likely to take place in January 2019

A Registered Society No. 29722R. An Exempt Charity recognised by the Inland Revenue.
We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Firm Reference Number 725178.

 Foundation East, Coppice House, 5 Greenwood Court, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7GY

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Employers will have to itemise payslips for employees’ wages which vary depending on how much time they have worked under new rules introduced by the Government.

The Employment Rights Act 1996 (Itemised Pay Statement) (Amendment) Order 2018 was laid before Parliament earlier this month.

Under the Order, which is due to come into force on 6 April 2019, employers must also include the number of hours they are paying the employee for.

From next April, employers must either:

  • Show the combined number of hours worked for which payment is being made, or;
  • Itemise the figures for different types of work worked and/or different rates of pay.

This change to legislation is aimed at employees who work varied hours and whose pay changes accordingly. Itemised payslips will increase transparency for both employers and employees alike.

For example, if an employee has a different rate of pay for day and night shift work, the details of their hours on each shift will have to be set out on their payslip.

Before the Order comes into force, employers should ensure payroll processes are adjusted to collect the new information required.

How can our employment law specialists help?

For expert guidance on how the changes will affect your business, contact our solicitors in Ipswich

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Good morning ISSBA maembers.

I thought I would introduce myseldf and my  company via the Blog page. I joined ISSBA to widen my connections within the local business community. I am looking forward to my first networking meeting this Wednesday at the New Wolsey Theatre, and hope to meet some of your there on the day.

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How do we ensure this happens? By meeting them all face to face. Simple.

“Our goal is to connect on a personal level with our candidates, to build and sustain relationships and ensure that we consistently have a high level of candidate satisfaction. We want to guide our candidates through the recruitment process from start to finish and we can only do this effectively by meeting our candidates face to face within an informal and relaxed setting.”

We asked some of our Recruitment Specialists why this is so important?

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I remember my first networking meeting - I was still working full time, had some crazy idea about building websites as a business and absolutely no clue what that meant in practice!  An ISSBA Meet the Members networking event was actually my first voyage into the world of networking, and it could have been terrifying!  Thankfully, it was a really positive experience!

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Culture can be hard to define. It can be considered how organisation’s conduct their business – “how we do things around here”. Our blog explores how understanding your business' culture can help you.

So why be concerned with your culture? Because very simply, the organisation’s culture is the foundation of its success. A great culture will result in the following benefits and MAD-HR are able to explain why in our latest blog >> Why Should Every Employer Care About The Culture of Their Business?

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As a manager, or the lead for training and development in your organisation, you may have identified a skill gap, and feel you have a bonafide case for investing in training whether for an individual or a group of employees. Our blog will tell you more.

Delegates need to agree that they need the training. Whilst many welcome the opportunity for development and upskilling, there will be delegates who disagree that they need the development. This negativity could be due to fear, time pressure or simply a lack of self-awareness. You need delegates to be willing to attend, be attentive and to be keen to implement the learning once back in the workplace.

You can read MAD-HR’s seven tips to maximise delegate buy-in in our latest blog >> Training and Development – How to Maximise Delegate Buy-in?

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Protected : Avoiding 3 Common Pitfulls

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Did someone mention the C-word? Oops that was us! Everyone has a tale to tell about a Christmas party and an embarrassing antic a “friend” got up to. It can feel like a minefield for an employer who needs to decide how to celebrate Christmas with their team. Our blogs guides you through the minefield.

What should an employer consider when deciding how to celebrate? Firstly not everyone celebrates Christmas, maybe due to religion or other influencing factors, so being considerate of employee’s preferences can ensure the celebration is inclusive. There seems to be an unlimited number of options on how to celebrate Christmas – a meal, an entertainer, a themed party, shared party, Go-Karting, fancy dress, or drinks in the office after work.

Before you decide how you are going to celebrate think about the following factors: Alcohol, Dietary Needs, Timing, Accessibility, Work Needs and Interests. We want to help you get it right, visit our website to read the full version of our blog >> The Christmas Party How to Keep it Professional

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By the time most of you read this, the person I was talking with this morning will be 90 years old.  I’ll call her Ann.  Over a cup of tea I asked her a question:

“Why do you think some people are more resilient than others at managing life’s challenges?”

Ann’s answer was very interesting and I’ve captured her responses here:

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Suffolk Police is issuing a warning to Suffolk businesses following reports of a telephone scam.

A business owner in central Ipswich reported being contacted by a man purporting to be from Suffolk Constabulary, asking for money.

The caller asked the business for a payment of £299 to sign up to a discount initiative, which he said was set up in order to give discounted prices on goods and services to police officers and staff.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman says: "We would ask business owners and employees to be vigilant and aware of this approach, as Suffolk Constabulary does not contact businesses and ask for money to participate in discount schemes."

Businesses are asked to make employees aware and to report any incidents or attempted incidents directly to Action Fraud on their official website:

Further crime prevention advice and details of your local Safer neighbourhood Team can be found of the Suffolk Police webpage  

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It’s a hot topic in the news right now about the hidden charges and extra costs customers are facing when hiring a car or van.

Customers are often swayed by the low rental prices hire firms will advertise, only to be hit with additional charges upon return of the vehicle, often resulting in doubling or trebling the cost of the hire itself.

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If you tuned into the BBC this morning, you’ll have heard or watched as some of the corporation’s best-known presenters talked about their own salaries – and the gaping gender disparity between remuneration for male and female stars.

The furore over who earns what at the BBC follows the publication of pay scales for those who are paid more than £150,000 a year.

While the bumper salaries handed to the likes of Chris Evans (up to £2.5m) and Gary Lineker (at least £1.75m) caused a stir, the real controversy has surrounded the pay gap between men and women.

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Calling all businesses - did you know you can access 30 minutes of consultancy from 13 different business sectors as an ISSBA member?

Last year we launched the ISSBA Assist scheme, which allows any ISSBA member to reach out for support to one of our panel of experts.

Whether you need some pointers on a legal matter or have an SEO issue that needs some clarity, our team of specialists are on hand to support you and your business.

ISSBA Assist is an exclusive membership benefit to our members, which means that as soon as you join - even if you are in the process of creating your business - you can access these valuable resources. There is no obligation to go on and purchase services from the ISSBA Assist specialists, so you really have nothing to lose.

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