Holly Stibbon

Holly has worked in the online marketing industry since 1998 and is currently a Director of Website Design & Email Marketing company 101Smart.


She is responsible for developing and delivering strategies for sales and business management as well as customer service and project management. Smart Messenger, 101’s email marketing facility was introduced in 2003 and is used by hundreds of businesses in Norfolk and across the UK. Holly has been advising and assisting businesses with the planning and implementation of their online marketing strategies for over fifteen years.


She is focussed, thinks quickly on her feet and her results speak for themselves. She understands how important it is to understand her customers and their business objectives and invests the time to get to know all the businesses she works with.


Stephen Anderson

I'm a professional accredited mediator and non-practising solicitor. i've taken foundation and cross-over training in the family, workplace, elder, community, civil & commercial and peer mediation processes. i work in-person, as well as online over Skype. as a child consultant, i listen to children in mediation where appropriate and i am also an accredited pre-family court information meeting provider.


Most of the problems that people approach lawyers about are not usually legal problems. They are communication problems. Divorce is a prime example. When I practised as a lawyer, I rarely got involved in arguing the law with another lawyer. I wasn't trained as a solicitor to help people communicate. So I trained as mediator. Now I'able to help improve the outcomes for my clients where beforehand I may actually have made things worse. 


I specialise in tailoring the mediation process to the conflict. This may mean that I recommend a series of two hour session, or a single day-long session. It may mean I recommend lawyers should attend, or it may mean I recommend lawyers need not attend. I even work over Skype so that people who want help but cannot come to Ipswich or who live in different location can still find help.

I frequently work alongside coaches, other mediators, financial planners and accountants to provide the best possible solutions for my clients..

As an accredited mediation practice consultant, I supervise other mediators. I have sat on the Suffolk Family Justice Board since 2010.

I attend and speak regularly at European and North American conferences. I'm known for my vocal and outspoken criticism of the way the legal system turns problems into disputes, and disputes into wars.

My hope is that one day this country will adopt a truly systemic approach to problem solving, dispute resolution and conflict resolution.

Hana Dickinson

Hana started her career in The City, gaining valuable business and marketing experience before setting up The Bridge in 2011. Having started out at Barclays she went on to work at a hedge fund before becoming Communications Manager for the UK largest investment platform.


As a sound strategist, she has introduced and rolled out commercially savvy marketing plans for numerous businesses in a range of sectors. She has a skill for spotting opportunities and helping clients to focus their efforts to get the results they want.


Don't be fooled by the grumpy expression and informal attire, Hana's honesty and dedication cuts through the noise so clients feel reassured, well looked after and really clear on what needs doing and why.

Krystyna Smithers

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Merie Sennett

Merie Sennett is a business consultant that helps local businesses with business consultancy, planning and strategy as well as marketing services, planning and strategy.  Merie also offers a professional CV writing service.

Ruth Cheesley

Ruth Cheesley is a Joomla! Specialist, CEO and co-founder of Virya Group.




She regularly speaks at conferences around the world on a range of issues from Community Management and Marketing to SEO and women in technology.

Amanda Ankin

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Francis Pledger

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Andrew Osman

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Peter Glading

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Trudy Hooper

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