Izzy Ixer

Izzy Ixer

My background is in software development, project management and I have held operational  and strategic roles in IT.   With broad-based expeerience in SMEs, Local Government, the Health Service and with BT, I am experienced in helping people adapt to change by building their resilience and adaptability.

I love to learn about your challenges and see how I can help and I'm finding my skills as a Yoga teacher and practitioner much in demand as more people look for ways of managing stress, anxiety and the pressure of finding a work-life balance.



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By the time most of you read this, the person I was talking with this morning will be 90 years old.  I’ll call her Ann.  Over a cup of tea I asked her a question:

“Why do you think some people are more resilient than others at managing life’s challenges?”

Ann’s answer was very interesting and I’ve captured her responses here:

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