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Three years ago Carole Burman set up MAD-HR to bring affordable HR support and advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes in East Anglia and beyond.

Now with the sensational Charlotte Bate by her side, MAD-HR has grown to offer a range of training and coaching – on and offline, as well as the strategic HR planning for business growth and change that Carole has established since day one.

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Fleximize, the Ipswich-based alternative business lender, will host a comedy night and charity auction for local business owners on Thursday 11th May at Greshams Ipswich. The event has been organised in support of Ipswich Housing Action Group (IHAG), which provides vital assistance to homeless people in the Ipswich area.

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Welcome to MAD-HR's FREE Email Course on "Annual Leave - An Employer’s Guide"

We have put together this easy to follow, legally accurate and employer relevant e-learning course to support you as an employer.

Gain access to the information you need to effectively manage your teams in bite sized chunks, at a manageable pace.

Simply, sign up below and you will receive an email a day for 5 days. Each email you receive will fulfil the key learning outcomes you require to manage Annual Leave.

There is no set up fee and no course fee.

Check out the course content and sign-up here.

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On 01 October 2016, the Statutory Payment rates for 2016/17 were updated. Here, we share them with you in a handy table.

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Most managers, at some time in their career, have to deal with a poor performer. It can often be frustrating and a thankless task, unless you have the right tools to help you.

There is an old Chinese proverb which said that “For every hundred men hacking away at the branches of a diseased tree, only one will stoop to inspect the roots.”

Are individual members of your team performing less well than you’d hoped? If so, this proverb can take on great significance. To figure out what’s causing the performance issue, you have to get to the root of the problem.

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How can you be ready for a potential Brexit?

As the debate hots up over the UK referendum on leaving or staying in the EU, and as we are on the brink of the voting deadline, what steps should UK employers be taking to prepare for a potential “Brexit”?

Brexit is a blend of the words ‘British’ and ‘exit’ which refers to the possibility of Great Britain leaving the European Union following the referendum on 23 June.

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An employee has told you that they are unhappy in their role and wish to leave your employment as soon as possible. As their heart clearly isn’t in the job anymore can you treat them less favourably than other employees?

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A Suffolk based entrepreneur is hoping to revolutionise the way small businesses order office essentials after launching a new platform designed to help companies make significant savings when it comes to purchasing printed materials.

Peter Brady founded Ipswich-based graphic design and print specialist Mutual Media in 2004. After securing a contract with DPG, a national Training Company, Peter and his team invested in developing a new e-procurement system which allowed print and training material orders to be placed online and distributed directly to each of the company’s training venues throughout the UK.

Mutual Media currently produces nearly half a million wage slips for Baker Tilly, a national accountancy practice, each year through this system. The new system allows purchasing managers to monitor and replenish stock at the click of a button and Peter recognised the system could also offer significant benefits to small and medium sized businesses.

The new system can be accessed from Mutual Media’s website: Once a company has registered, any printed materials including letterheads, business cards and even marketing brochures can be re-ordered at the click of the button. All prices are guaranteed for a minimum period of twelve months, helping businesses to manage budgets effectively, and avoid the need to find space to hold large quantities of printed materials – something Peter believes will benefit many small businesses.

Peter Brady, Founder of Mutual Media, said:

“When most businesses look to purchasing stationery, price is one of the most important considerations. It’s worth remembering that badly produced letterheads and business cards can seriously damage the credibility of your brand.

“We recognised our e-procurement system wasn’t just something which could benefit our existing clients, but one which could help many businesses throughout East Anglia and the UK. By signing up to the free system, business owners can monitor usage, track orders and replenish stock quickly and easily.

“Over the past decade Mutual Media has helped hundreds of businesses throughout the UK to make cost savings when it comes to managing print orders and after securing the contract with DPG, we decided to invest in a bespoke procurement system which could simplify the process of creating repeat orders. The service has proved to be extremely successful, helping businesses to make both cost and time savings.

“Anyone who has ordered printed materials understands that there can be significant savings by purchasing large quantities, but this can create storage problems and even wastage. The system means that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our purchasing power and order what’s likely to be used in any given period."

The system is aimed at small businesses in the Suffolk and East Anglia areas. New and existing customers can register to use the service free of charge by calling Mutual Media on 01473 659563

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Imagine being able to insert a television commercial for your local business into a carefully selected group of Sky channels with specific appeal to your target demographic, without having to buy a traditional national campaign. Imagine being able to show a commercial for a special local offer to selected postcodes, age-brackets, or household incomes. How about only showing a commercial advertising dog food to homeowners who own a dog; or an insurance ad only to homeowners whose policy is due for renewal? Now imagine the cost-savings associated with such targeted advertising.


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